How to Decorate Your Bachelorette Hotel Room

How to Decorate Your Bachelorette Hotel Room

One of the best parts about a destination bachelorette party is hanging out in the hotel rooms! It’s the perfect place for catching up with friends, playing a few silly games, and showering the bride with fun gifts. To really get everyone in the bachelorette party mood though, cute decorations are a must. So we chatted with our friends at Mod Party to get the low-down on the easiest way to pull of an Instagram-worthy setup.

Step 1: You Can Never Have Too Many Balloons!

How to Decorate Your Bachelorette Hotel Room

Fun balloons help fill up the space you are decorating, and will make the setup look more interesting by providing some differing heights. Plus- these black, white and pink heart balloons add such a sweet touch to the occasion.

Step 2: Break Out Some Tassels

How to Decorate Your Bachelorette Hotel Room

Gold and colorful tassels are all the rage right now! Ladies- there is tons of room to get creative here. You can hang them on the wall, string them on tables, or even attach them to the bottom of balloons. (Psst- Mod Party offers tons of different options including mini tassels, full-sized ones and even your own DIY Kit).

Step 3: Personalize a Sign

How to Decorate a Bachelorette Party Hotel Room

A customized sign will definitely wow your bride-to-be! You can use one to name a signature cocktail that you’re serving, display a bachelorette party hashtag, or even to include a fun inside joke into your decorations. We love that these personalized prints come in gold, silver and rose gold foil.

Step 4: The Little Details Count

How to Decorate Your Bachelorette Hotel Room

Once you have chosen all of your major decorations, it’s time to pick out the little details. Trust us- these go a long way and will definitely impress all of your friends! Some of our favorites include these Cheers drink stirrers, striped straws, and gold foil napkins.

Step 5: Everyone Loves Monogrammed Goodies!

How to Decorate Your Bachelorette Hotel Room

Last but not least, be sure to incorporate fun party favors that will also double as decorations. Monogrammed items are always a HUGE hit at bachelorette festivities. If you are setting up a drink station, personalized tumblers or glasses are a great choice. If not, travel mugs for coffee in the morning or sweet jewelry dishes also make adorable gifts and decorations.

Have so much fun decorating your bachelorette party hotel rooms! Don’t forget to tag The Bach and Mod Party on Instagram so that we can join in on the fun!


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