How to Throw a Spa Party at Home

How to Throw a Spa Party at Home

Looking for a fun bachelorette party idea that you can host right in the comfort of your own home? Why not treat your bestie to a luxurious spa day! You and your group of gals can all relax, pamper yourselves, and get ready for a big night out to celebrate the bride-to-be. Just follow these easy steps!

Step 1: DIY Scrubs and Masks

Before your gals arrive for the spa party, whip up a few beauty supplies in the kitchen. We love this homemade green tea exfoliator for silky smooth hands and feet and these 6 different face masks for glowing skin.

How to Throw a Spa Party at Home

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Step 2: Set up a Pedicure Station

Turn your living room into a nail salon! You can put out colorful small buckets of warm water for everyone to soak their feet in while relaxing on the couch. Make sure there are plenty of nail polish colors for your guests to choose from. (Hint: you can also personalize the polish bottles for the event to give an extra special touch!)

How to Throw a Spa Party at Home

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Step 3: Create a Fun Makeup Bar

Next, designate a spot of your home for everyone to primp for the big night out. After everyone has spent an afternoon exfoliating their skin, relaxing on the couch, and polishing their fingers and toes, they will be pumped to try out some different makeup looks. You can put out different lipsticks, eyeshadows and eyeliners, or simply tell everyone to bring their own favorite cosmetics. Make sure you have plenty of mirrors available so your guests can admire their handiwork.

How to Throw a Spa Party at Home

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Step 4: Handout Spa-Themed Favors

Don’t send your guests home empty-handed! We’re loving these beauty box essentials that Wedding Chicks created. Pssst- they even have free printable labels so that you can completely recreate these adorable spa party favors.

How to Throw a Spa Party at Home

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