5 Amazing Bridesmaid Gifts Under $50

5 Amazing Bridesmaid Gifts for Under $50

Calling all brides! When it comes to picking out the perfect gifts to thank your bridesmaids (or pop the question to them) it can be a bit overwhelming, and not to mention expensive. So we rounded up our favorite affordable gifts that we know your gals will love.

1. Bittersweet Hair Tie Bracelets by Maria Shireen

To have and to hold your hair back… these bracelets by Maria Shireen are by far the most stylish way to keep those hair ties on your wrist! Your bridesmaids will love how these stunning bracelets look, and the way they hold your hair tie without hurting your wrist is almost too good to be true. They’ll even come in handy when your bridesmaids’ want to pull their hair back and hit the dance floor at the wedding! Price: $45 per bracelet.

2. Fatty Sunday’s Customized Pretzels

What gal can say no to being a bridesmaid when you offer them chocolate covered pretzels? These tasty treats by Fatty Sunday’s can be completely customized. They’re also great to have around as snacks while you and the girls primp on the big day. Price: $9.00 per box.

3. Bash Bags Totes

Perfect for wrapping up additional gifts, but also completely useful on their own, your gals will love these fun totes by Bash Bags. Plus they will be useful on the wedding day if your group has to move around to different locations. Price: $13 per bag.

4. Pretty Please Personalized Nail Polish

What girl doesn’t love adding to her nail polish collection? Pretty Please Nail Polish has tons of colors to choose from and you can personalize the bottles with your own message or funny color name. Break out those inside jokes! Price: $7.00 – $12.00 per bottle.

5. Glitter & Bow Sequin Hangers

Add a little sparkle to your bridesmaids’ closets with these gorgeous sequin hangers from Glitter & Bow. BONUS: On the wedding day you can hang up everyone’s dresses on them for plenty of Instagram-worthy pics. Price: $12 per hanger.