5 Totally Quirky Bachelorette Party Ideas

Totally Quirky Bachelorette Party Ideas

Planning a bash for an offbeat bride-to-be? Well then your average bachelorette activities just won’t do. First thing’s first, think about what your bestie loves the most. Still stumped? Check out some of our favorite ways to celebrate with a quirky bachelorette party:

1. Rock Some Heinous Bridesmaid Dresses

Hit up some vintage shops or search your closet for any used bridesmaid dresses that were a bit of an eye sore. Hit the clubs, go bowling, or even throw a paintball party!

Quirky Bachelorette Party Ideas

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2. Pose for a Sexy Photo Shoot

Looking for something that is both fabulous and unique? Surprise the bride with a glamorous boudoir photo shoot. They will be the most unique photos you will ever take with your group of besties!

Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Quirky Bride

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3. Embrace the 90’s

Does your gal pal desperately miss the 90’s? There are so many different themes you can work with here. Rock some hardcore flannel if she went through a major grunge phase back in the day. More of a Britney Spears fan? Dress the part and be sure to give out plenty of fun party favors like ring pops, friendship bracelets, and butterfly clips!

Our Favorite Quirky Bachelorette Party Ideas

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4. Completely Geek Out

If your bestie camped out for Harry Potter books, Star Wars tickets, or Comic-Con, then you have no choice but to throw her a nerdy bachelorette bash! Dress in costume, hit up a theme park, paint your face, or do whatever it takes to show how much you support her geeky side.

Totally Quirky Bachelorette Party Ideas

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5. Master Mixology

Does your bride-to-be only drink the fanciest of cocktails? This is your chance to join her in perfecting high-quality cocktails. Find a mixology class or hire a bartender to come to your home and show you and the gals how to shake up some tasty adult beverages.

Totally Quirky Bachelorette Party Ideas

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