Wedding Shower Themes – European Inspiration

We know it can be tough to find cute wedding shower themes the bride will love.  For some fresh ideas, we looked to our favorite European foods and drinks for inspiration.  If you are a maid of honor or a bridesmaid in your bestie’s upcoming wedding, read on for some fun party options.

French Flair

If the bride adores Parisian culture, surprise her with a French themed wedding shower.  Serve your guests café au lait, croissants, baguettes, and colorful macarons.  A French Press coffee maker, imported wines or champagne from France, and French perfume all make great themed group gifts from the bridesmaids.  Be sure to get a picture of the bridal party in matching berets!

French Wedding Shower Theme


A Taste of Italy

Transport your guests to Tuscany with an Italian themed wedding shower.  Set up a gourmet olive oil tasting to start, followed by wine, cheese and authentic Italian dishes. Finish off the meal with cannoli and tiramisu. Does the bride prefer a more hands-on experience? Book a private pizza making class for your group or hire a wine connoisseur to lead a wine tasting.  Bon Appetito!

Italian Wedding Shower Theme


British Tea Party

If the bride never misses an episode of Downton Abbey, a British wedding shower theme is in order. Host the event during the traditional afternoon tea-time.  Serve mini cucumber sandwiches, scones and a variety of different teas. For great photo opportunities, have plenty of fun props on hand including, long gloves, fancy hats and lengthy strands of pearls.

British Wedding Shower Theme